If you would like to schedule an appointment, please book online. A card is required to reserve an appointment online, over the phone, or in person. If you need assistance or if there is a service that you cannot book online give us a call.  When booking your appointment, we ask that you be as detailed as possible about your services (style, possible treatments, takedown services, etc). PLEASE NOTE THAT COLOR SERVICES (unless a Demi Permanent) AND SERVICES THAT REQUIRE EXTENSIONS REQUIRE CONSULTING AND CAN NOT BE BOOKED ONLINE. Please give us a call to set up an appointment for these services. 

This ensures that we provide you with the appropriate time slot and to not over book our set schedule. If you would like to change your service after you have scheduled an appointment, please give us a call. If your desired service exceeds the original time allotted and there is not enough time available, your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

If you are unsure of what services or want to book for a color service, you will need a consultation before booking appointment time can be assigned. Please arrive on-time for you scheduled appointment.
Our Goal is to respect everyone's time and do everything possible to ensure all customers have a proper salon experience.


Our goal is to keep everyone safe during these challenging times. If you develop any warning signs resembling ANY symptoms of  COVID-19 before your scheduled appointment, give us a call to cancel the appointment.

**Please note that  we will service customers at our own discretion based on physical symptoms!

Listed are our NEW POLICIES AND PROCEDURES in place to ensure the safety of everyone. Everyone MUST comply to these new policies:


* A mandatory completed COVID-19 Screening Form MUST be submitted 24 hours BEFORE scheduled appointment. This form can be found on the home page of our website.

* We will ONLY except cards as a form of payment to minimize the handling of cash and physical contact.

*No additional guest will not be allowed in the salon unless the scheduled client is a minor. 

*All clients are required to wear a face mask that wraps around the ears and not the back of the head, as this mask will have to worn the entire time in the salon. We have disposable mask for sale $3 each, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, for any client that doesn't have a mask. We encourage clients to provide their own mask, as this will be the only way we can provide services.

*All clients are required to sanitize their hands before entering the salon.

*Everyone is required to have their temperature checked upon entry and will be denied services if running a temperature or appears to be ill. This will be at the salons discretion. 

* Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. Any clients arriving more than 10 mins late for their appointment will be required to reschedule WITH A CANCELLATION FEE. We have strict social distancing requirements that require client participation.

*To safely and quickly check-in all clients, we have an easy check-in system. You must text the word ADELL to 31996 to opt into our check-in system. Then, once you arrive text your full name to 31996. This will notify us that you have arrived. Please remain in your vehicle and wait to be notified of when stylist is ready. OUR WAITING AREA IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. 


* Due to the close and permanent proximity of our steamers, No Steam Treatments will be scheduled at this time. All treatments will be processed under a hooded dryer. 


*Every staff member is required to wear a face mask. 

*Every client will receive a clean cape.

*Stylists are required to change into a clean smock/apron each client.

* All bowls and chairs will be wiped down in between each client.

*Stylists MUST wash hands in between every client.

*Stations will be spaced AT LEAST 6 feet apart. We are grateful to have a spacious salon and will be able to accommodate social distancing requirement VERY WELL!

* Additional time will be added to each appointment to ensure our schedule flows smoothly to accommodate social distancing and sanitation requirements.

*We will operate in a HIGH LEVEL OF CLEANLINESS, regularly sanitizing and removing all unnecessary items from high traffic areas.

Remember, this is all for everyone's safety, customers and staff. We thank you for your patience and cooperation as we adjust to our new operations and policies.

Until then, Stay Healthy and Be Safe!


A COVID-19 Screening Form MUST be completed at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. An appointment will be AUTOMATICALLY cancelled if this form IS NOT submitted within 24 hours before scheduled appointment.

**One form MUST be completed for each client, and  for every scheduled appointment. If there are multiple clients scheduled, each client will require a form to be submitted. 

Simply click on the provided link to submit additional forms.


It is our salon's goal to have things flow smoothly. We DO NOT over book our schedule. We ask that if you need to cancel or reschedule your reserved appointment that you do so  NO LESS THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT.  Also, this is in place to give us an opportunity to accommodate the needs of other clients.  If you have an appointment for a salon service or consultation, this time is reserved exclusively for you, as we DO NOT double book.  The 24 hours notice of cancellation is necessary and appreciated for all Adell’s Natural Hair Salon members and clients. 

 You can cancel your appointment yourself by logging into your Adell's Online Booking Account.

We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment. If a client arrives too late and can not receive services, this will be considered a last minute cancellation.

A cancellation fee of $20 will be charge to the card we have on file for any No Call No Show clients, clients that are too late for their appointment to be serviced, or that cancel WITHIN (less than) the 24 hours time window before their scheduled appointment.  (WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.)


We encourage all client to properly detangle their hair before arriving at the schedule salon service. If additional time is need due to the client hair being extremely tangled, an additional fee will be added to the service. 

Length and Thickness/ Quantity of hair may result an additional charge. Please consult with your stylist prior to beginning your salon service.

Thank You For Your Cooperation

Adell's Management Team